17 July, 2010

Big Brass Bed

This week we had someone come by the house to see some old radio and TV tubes Joanne had on Craig's List. While the guy didn't take the tubes he told us he was having an estate sale just a few blocks away. Of course we had to go check it out. So glad we did. Found a great 1920's, full size, vintage brass bed!

The bed and out house were built around the same time! We figured it was karma, the two pieces had to be brought together . . so we bought it. Looks good in my bedroom with the antique quilt, circa 1930s, we found at another estate sale years ago.

Now for the funny part.

The silly thing is tall, I mean over 36" tall. I need a small stool to climb into bed! Good thing I still have the old hassock my grandmother made me when I was 2 years old. Told the kids I'll need a two-step stool later when I'm older.

I made the two dolls sitting on the bed when Joanne was in  Jr High. The one is a cheerleader from her school.


Karen Anne said...

I've seen really tall old beds. I wonder what that was about. Maybe some of them had trundle beds stored under them.

There must have been some graceful way to get into them, as opposed to jumping or hurling yourself up there :-)

Brigid said...

Do you have a boxspring and a mattress? I think older beds were designed for a different support system (planks of wood, rope, whatever) and so the modern box spring adds extra height.

Joanne said...

Mom's exaggerating; it's not that high, just higher.

Brigid, there is a mattress and box spring on top of the wood planks. However, without the box spring, the brass headboard and foot board actually look way too big. But that's probably just my modern perspective. ;-)

Stevi K said...

We have the exact same bed in the house we just bought! Since we're looking to sell it could you give me a ball park on what you paid for it? It would be very much appreciated.

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