04 November, 2010

A Cat Tree I Wouldn't Be Embarrassed to Have in the Living Room

On and off over the last few years, we have debated about getting a cat tree. The biggest problem with them is that they're so ugly, and most don't have perches big enough for Maine Coons. Now that Seamus is gone, I feel a little bad that I never got around to getting one. I just searched Google to see what stylish options might be out there, and came across this:

It's totally awesome, and I'd love to get it for Bella, but the $800 price tag is a bit out of my budget. If I can figure out how the platforms are attached, I might try a poor man's version. Thoughts?

This etsy seller has lots of cool cat trees and cat condos, so check them out at PetTreeHouses

If you have a lead on a cat tree for under $150 that isn't made from cheap beige carpet, let me know! 

Update: I found this one I liked, too, but as a city dweller, I'm not  sure where to pick up a tree trunk.


Kate R said...

Love both of them, but especially the first one, except for the price tag, of course.

Karen Anne said...

That first one looks like fun, but not very stable. My cats wouldn't go near anything if it ever wobbled.

Maybe you could ask a tree company for a lead on tree trunks.

If there's a cat show of any size in your area, there will usually be a vendor there.

Lenore Bush said...

That is a crepe myrtle naturally smooth tree trunk or large branch!

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