20 October, 2009

Season's Greetings -- Halloween Season, That Is

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A little silliness staring me, Ted, Ted's folks, and Mom...

12 October, 2009

Last Periwinkle of Summer...And a Coyote Sighting!

Home Depot is clearancing the plants in their garden center, so I picked up an entire flat of Vinca minor, aka Creeping Myrtle, aka Periwinkle. I plan on planting them beneath our River Birch that we put in last year on the corner of the lot. I adore creeping myrtle. Mom had it growing at the other house, and I almost dug it out to bring over to The Box House. However, we still hope to sell that property one day, so left it all there because it looks so nice.

Unfortunately, it's been freezing here in Chicago this week, so gardening isn't really what I'm in the mood for; but when the price is right...

Anyway, for those of you who have no interest in my gardening escapades, how about this: Ted and I spotted a coyote last night, about two blocks away from our house!!

The coyote in the photo is just a representative sample, but this is about how close we were to it. We were driving down the block in the course of our errands, and he was walking calmly into the road. He was obviously used to cars, because he dodged them all with ease and headed over to the park next to the school. We pulled over and watched him a bit as he frolicked around and marked his territory. (Now I wonder if some of that dog poop I've been finding in the yard is really coyote excrement??? I'll have to Google-search now for pics of scat.)

Now, a lot of you are like, "It's a coyote, big deal." But I'm a Chicago girl, and it's kind of magical to find him living in an urban area.

Magical for me, probably not the greatest environment for him.