26 May, 2010

Spring Flowers!!

Spring seems to moving right along. Cooler weather means the flowers are lasting much longer than usual. Works for us. I'm always a little sad to see spring color gone so fast. The lovely yellow iris were a transplant from friend Herma's yard. They seem so bright in the sunny front yard here.

There great purple iris were inherited from the previous owner. We didn't even know the bulbs were in the backyard. First year Joanne started taking out all the overgrown weed and unknown plants that weren't really doing well. Last year, much to our surprise these purple iris popped up! Seems all the moving around of dirt, etc Joanne did woke them up! A few other things are coming up that we had no idea were here. They get to stay. Sort of like Ruth's spirit (last owner) is still around and helping with "her garden."

These cute little grape hyacinths were planted by Joanne. Love the color!!

Can't forget our Maggie. Here she is lounging in a cool shady spot next to the back porch. The vines, next to her, are much bigger now and need to be tacked up to the siding, somehow, without doing any damage. Looks like another trip to Home Depot or a garden shop with how to questions. Of course the trick is to get home without adding more plants to the garden. :)


16 May, 2010

Spring! Bunnies In The Garden!!

Our Spring planting has been coming along fine. New things planted last fall are poking up, added a couple of new ones and even a surprise or two. Seems the bulbs previous owners planted, years ago, are just now coming up. Due to the fact Joanne has worked the yard so much, moving things and making room for older bulbs to start growing. Anyway . . . some of the yard work has pretty much come to a standstill.  Oh, work is happening in front and in the side, our Moon Garden, but the backyard is pretty much on hold. Reason you ask> Bunnies!!!

Seems a momma rabbit, in her wisdom, decided to put her nest in the middle of the backyard . . dog or no dog, it appears. Nest was discovered after Joanne ran over it with the power lawn mower! Thankfully the nest was deep enough and the babies small enough no one was harmed! Thinking I saw a bit of fluff or whatever I started to pick it up, wanting the lawn to look nice. Much to my surprise there were squirming little pink bodies! Bunnies! Covered them up right a way. Sure enough, momma came by at dusk to feed them. She comes by every day, pretty much at the same time, to feed then takes off until the next day. Of course Maggie, the dog, has lost backyard privileges by herself until the babies are on their own and gone. Maggie is too curious about them. I don't think she would hurt them as they are now about the size of kittens but you can never tell.

It's a lot of fun watching them every day at dusk. Bunnies are nowhere to be found during the day, although we do suspect they head for the fence between out yard and the neighbor. It's covered with our flowers and their hostas and bridal veil bushes, providing a lot of cover and protection from the rain.

Every evening, toward dusk, the babies gather under our picnic table or some corner of the yard. Tumbling over each other, then sit very still and quiet, waiting for mom. She appears but spends some time eating grass and dandelions. Then she makes a sound, or call that we can't hear, and out come the babies! Running, or hopping, to momma, jumping and tumbling over each other in the process. They appear to tackle mom and they dive under her to start nursing. It's such a cute sight. There is momma, trying to stand tall as all six babies try to fit under her at the same time, on their backs little legs kicking in the air. She preens each one, touching to make sure they are OK, I guess. Then momma jumps away and the babies scamper to the fence and protection of the yard. Momma hangs around a few more minutes then is gone till the next day. She comes around later and later in the day, I think she is starting to wean them, although watching them eat clover and grasses I think they can pretty much take care of themselves pretty soon. We will surely miss them but it will be nice to have our yard back. I think Maggie misses our afternoons . . she dozes in the sunshine while I read.