05 June, 2011

Where The Quilts??

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't posted anything since September, last year, about my quilting. Sorry. I've been wrapped up in a special quilting project. I don't have but a few pictures of what I'm working on but here's a teaser. I hope to have pictures soon of the completed top. The quilt has a Native American theme. It's machine applique and pieced. I've been having such a great time, putting this one together, that I'm actually making two at the same time. Which is why it's taking so long. I knew if I finished one completely before starting another I would never do a second. One quilt is for my brother-in-law who painted my late husband's portrait for us. I had to do something for him in return. It should fit well in their family room that has some Native American decor. The second quilt is for me although it's too big to hang on a wall and doesn't fit the decor in my bedroom I had to make one.

This in one of 9 blocks in one of the quilts, it measures 22" X 22". Finished quilt should be 83" X 83." Not quite a twin and larger than a lap.

I hope this makes up for not posting any quilty news. I'll try to be better in the future.

Boxhouse Mom