07 February, 2008

Original 1930s Color Palette, 3 of 3: Nu-Enamel Modern Finish (Made by Elves)

"Color from the World's Most Beautiful Flowers."

This is the third in a series on the 1930s color palettes I found in the basement of The Box House, and this brochure for Nu-Enamel Modern Finish is probably my favorite. The brochure is from The Nu-Enamel Shop at 1711 Sherman Ave.  (the location is now a CVS Pharmacy--seems they are everywhere these days).

I wish our bathrooms were as spacious as the ones in this advert. I'd even settle for pink! How cool would a vintage pink bathroom be?

The text from the brochure reads:
Remove this Piece of Metal. It is coated with Nu-Enamel. Bend it, twist it, fold it, hammer it. You will find it will not check, crack, or peel. This test proves that Nu-Enamel endures the most severe abuse.

Paint it Yourself!
You will always get expert results with Nu-Enamel because of these features:

One Coat Covers
The paddle illustrated is painted with stripes of different colors ranging from black to white. One coat of any Nu-Enamel color will completely hide most painted surfaces.

No Brush Marks
Paint a small area of any surface with Nu-Enamel. Then write your name on it with the handle of the brush. Within a few seconds, the entire paint film levels off perfectly smooth.

Resists Acids
The attached piece of metal is painted with one coat of Nu-Enamel. If placed in a muriatic acid solution the metal will dissolve, leaving the film of Nu-Enamel unharmed.

Cleans Easily
Nu-Enamel is non-porous. As a result--a damp cloth will remove, easily and quickly, all traces of grease and dirt. Repeated washing will not injure the porcelain-like finish.

Your Nu-Enamel dealer will be happy to demonstrate these features to you--in fact, he will place a brush in your hand and invite you to "Try before you buy." The amazing sales record established by Nu-Enamel is due to satisfied customers recommending it to their friends.

Surround yourself with Cheerful Colors. Every day, thousands of people--most of them without any previous painting experience whatsoever, are beautifying their home surroundings with Nu-Enamel. You can, too.

From toilet seats to wood radios, it seems the paint was made to cover it all. Lucky for us, the Previous Owners did not paint over our wood trim in the dining room, living room, stairwell, or entryway--although everything else has been covered. Click image for a slightly larger although somewhat fuzzy view.
I'm not sure how often I'd be walking around with muriatic solution in hand, but it's good to know that any Nu-Enamel painted surfaces will be safe from potential harm.


Simone said...

You are lucky to have found that! Can I ask for a favour? Can you please email me a jpeg of that colour chart and grant permission to have it on my blog? I'd be so grateful and I will mention your blog and kindness. I am doing up a summerhouse in vintage colours to match my 1930s house and that chart would be so useful. Re your post, I have an original pink bathroom but I want to change it as the tiles are cracked. See it here http://the1930shouse.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/winter-update-from-1930s-house.html. Happy to send you that pic if you like as an exchange. I'm in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simone,

I don't have a larger size .jpg, and I'm not sure where I put the chart. I think it's packed away in our crawlspace at the moment, but I don't know which box. If it's useful, you can go ahead and right-click the image from the site to use on your blog. (I know it's not very big.)

I'll let you know if I come across the original.