01 July, 2008


n. An abnormal fear of spiders.

Image to scale. Just kidding, the spider was much, much larger. At least it seemed so. Anyone know exactly what kind he is? He's about an inch across, including the legs.

I found this hairy not-so-little guy behind the basement sink when we were removing the old washing machine/dryer set. He's some kind of funnel spider, because he quickly, and I mean with lightning fast maneuvers that would make an Olympic sprinter envious, ducked down a little web tunnel after I took his picture. I find spiders endlessly fascinating, and don't mind the occasional one in the house. I can handle them if I spot them first, that is. If one innocently crawls across my foot, I'll go screaming like a little girl, arms flailing about, until I'm sure it's off of me. I know it's irrational, and a little embarrassing, but I can't help it. It's an involuntary reflex.

In recent weeks, however, we're finding them in every corner of the basement. I've been scooping them up and tossing them outside for the most part. (I shudder to think what it would have been like had I not vacuumed up the hundreds of egg sacs we found down here.)

I'm going to be glad when we can do some more work cleaning and finishing off the basement, and discourage the spider's kinfolk from settling in. We're setting up a spare bed in one of the basement rooms this week, although I doubt any of our guests will sleep in it until the room itself is less basementy looking.


Jen said...

Great freaky spider pic!

Andy said...

Spiders sure beat the hell out of house centipedes, even though both are supposed to be quite beneficial in the long run and really harmless. Still, they're both gross-looking...well, house centipedes are, anyway...

Joanne said...

Thanks, Jenni!

Andy, our condo in Uptown was infested with centipedes from day one. Some of them were pretty freakin' huge. Okay, infested is an exaggeration. We'd get a few dozen or so over the course of the year. Still. That's a lot.

But as long as they didn't crawl across my arm (*shudder* all those legs) I pretty much left them alone. It's weird that I actually miss them now; we've had one at The Box House, and it was kinda teeny.

Amalie said...

He's awesome! There's too many mosquitoes in this part of the world for me to hate on the spiders. I only kill the poisonous ones, like the black widow I found in my hard drive the other day.