13 December, 2008

What's Up? Chicken Butt.

Silly kittens often sit in their food dish while drinking their water. They are oh-so-tolerant of having their butts cleaned of chicken gravy, but they must've still had a faint odor of Fancy Feast about them, as Maggie suddenly lost all uneasiness around them and came in for a good ol' sniff. I think it's what finally broke the ice, as dog and kittens are fast becoming friends now--although they won't sit still long enough for me to photograph all three of them!

Are y'all getting tired of kitten pictures yet?

Bella and Seamus, aka Silent Bob--when he meows, no sound comes out!


min hus said...

Nope, not too many cat pics! In fact every time I check your blog now I'm looking for cat pics. :)

And oh, the things we do for the kitties! I'm kinda surprised they don't sit in the water bowl. :)

Lady Quilter said...

Oh . . . they don't sit in the water bowl . . yet. But they do sit in Maggie's food dish to drink from her water bowl. Thankfully the dish is empty, Maggie doesn't let food sit around any longer than necessary!

Anonymous said...

Awww. To badly paraphrase Samuel Johnson, when one is tired of kittens, one is tired of life.

Love the photo of Seamus in particular. You can really see his "big cat" heritage in that one.

As funny as Fancy Feast Fannies are, I'm glad that's what made Maggie warm up to the new kids. Whatever it takes.

Joanne said...

min hus--They don't sit in the water bowl, but I am going to have to find an alternative spot for my water glass on the night stand...

Tonia--Nice alliteration!