14 July, 2009

Source for Rocks?

I'm inspired by Jennifer at Tiny Old House to try some raised flower beds. Follow the link and check hers out. (Also check out her 1964 Cardinal 10-foot trailer that I'm coveting. Love it!) Does anyone in the North Shore/Chicago area know of a good source for free or cheap landscaping rocks?


Jennifer said...

Craigslist or Freecycle? I've seen people giving away broken flagstone patios, large river rocks, and more that would be perfect.

Ours came from overage on a building site for a very expensive house... so make friends with a contractor? We've been very lucky to have access to stone for free.

Glad you like the Cardinal.. it's a lot of fun so far! Like a mini house to fix up.

Andy said...

I got the landscaping stones for my raised beds free on Craigslist...but I got them way before the idea, and obviously didn't have enough...so I recycled old fence pickets (6 in. wide) for the walls instead.

I did the same thing for my raised veggie beds, which were 4ft x 4.5ft x about 1 ft. deep...layers of newspaper first and wet them down. Then I put in each the following: a giant compressed bag 3 cu. ft. of peat moss, then several dozen bags of standard topsoil (I'm cheap), then a 2 or 3 cu. ft. bag of Miracle Gro Garden Soil on top.

Suffice to say, it was a TON of lifting. But the veggies are doing great, in my opinion! (knock on wood)

Jocelyn said...

Too late to mention Buy the Yard on Main west of Asbury east of McCormick?