18 September, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2009

Each month on the 15th, May Dreams Gardens hosts a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, where you can take part by showing what's blooming in your garden that day. I'm a few days late with my pics, but oh well.

Most of our garden is getting ready for fall, and few things are blooming. But let's take a look between the buildings, shall we?

There is a very narrow gangway between our building (on the right) and the neighbors'. On the street side of the gangway, there are two big bushes planted, effectively blocking off the view. No one walking past would ever guess this is back here. You kind of have to duck and push your way past the bushes to see it at all.

We consider it a secret garden, a wild one. From early spring, when the lilies of the valley push their way out of the ground, through fall, there is an ever-changing carpet of wildflowers.

Does anyone know what these are?

One of these years, I'm going to put stepping stones back here so we can walk all the way to the back yard without having to hack our way through with a machete.

In the back yard itself, we still have a few things blooming. But the glory of it all is the Sweet Autumn Clematis. I posted a pic a few weeks back when it started to open, but here it is in full bloom, with another of our many datura plants in front.


Jan Marie said...

Looks like goldenrod.


Karen Anne said...

I really like just letting stuff grow and seeing what turns up. I have butter and eggs spreading.

min hus said...

I love the wild garden, it's beautiful. :)

I need to take and post my GBBD pics today too, so you're not the only late one!

Sylvana said...

Lovely! Very cottagey which is very appealing to me. Looks like you have goldenrod (not sure which variety), white snake root and maybe some sort of aster. I have that same aster volunteer blooming in my garden this year, but I don't know what it is besides pretty! I just Googled for it - maybe heath aster?

Anonymous said...

Goldenrod and wild asters.

Joanne said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone, especially since my photos were a bit out of focus.:-)

A month ago you would have seen a heavy population of Queen Anne's Lace and chamomile on the sunnier end of the gangway.

Unknown said...


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prairie said...

Hi Donna: This a great blog. I'm enjoying seeing everything about garden and quilts and so on. Thank you for the invitation. Kathie