14 December, 2009

Light Fixture Fetish, Part 1

I'm serious; I've mentioned it before, but I really must have a psychic connection with Gustave Villaret, a 1920s designer. We already have two sconce sets and a chandelier of his. And now, after weeks of staying away from eBay, a random search brought me two more of his chandeliers.

Unfortunately, it's hard to justify the purchase as we're maxed out on interior space and light fixture funds this year, so I'll sadly be letting these go. However, if we wanted to really spruce up our porches, they would have been awesome. (Santa, are you listening?)


Tonia said...

I hope Santa was listening!

I *love* that you've forged a psychic link with Gustave Villaret
and his (very gorgeous) creations.

Tonia said...

BTW, I love that when one Googles "Gustave Villaret," photos of you, Ted and the cat (I'm guessing Seamus?) come up in the image search.

Joanne said...

I think of the 200+ photo hits, most lead you back to our blog. Seriously, we may be the only ones who even remember this designer. :-)