24 June, 2010

Stormy Weather!

Another wild stormy rush hour yesterday. Three tornado warnings, severe storm warnings, lots of rain all during the rush hour commute. Thankfully, for us up on the North Shore, the action was south of Chicago. Although we did get our share of the rain and winds. After the storm we were gifted with a lovely double rainbow. The colors were very soft, almost blending into the gray sky.

A bit later, as the sun was setting, the sky had a yellowish, greenish hue. Bathing everything in a soft yellow glow.

Storms can be scary but after . . . . . quilt lovely too.



Ted said...

"quilt lovely too"...? Is that a Freudian slip, Lady Quilter?

Lady Quilter said...

Quiet . . . Quite . . Quit . . Quilt . . all the same to my fingers. :)

Lady Quilter aka. Boxmom