23 February, 2008

Last Days of Disco, or It's Lights Out for These Switches

Ted was so sweet to put this home improvement project at the top of his list, because he knew how much I hated this funky seventies style gold and ivory toggle light switch inside our front door. (Love the music of the era, hate a lot of the home style--shag rugs that you needed a rug rake for? Shudder.)

He installed a nifty retro push button switch with faux mother-of-pearl buttons and a Craftsman style switch plate, which I found at House of Antique Hardware. I know, I know; they're a bit pricey, but this is the light switch in the entryway, one of the first things people see when they walk in, and I wanted to splurge a bit on something nifty. It's based on a vintage pattern.

We were pleased to see that the wires in this wall had been updated at some point. This switch controls the nipple light in the stairwell, itself an add on of later date, so it's possible there never was a switch here prior to the installation of the light. The other two lights for the stairs are controlled by switches inside each of the units. I suspect these may be the only upgraded wires we find!

Eventually, we'll replace all the switches in our unit of The Box House with push-button ones. I love the very satisfying "click" they make when you push the little button.

Speaking of the last days of disco, does anyone remember when Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl had his Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park? I was ten at the time, too little to realize that Kool and the Gang's "Ladies' Night" really wasn't all that cool, no matter how well I could skate to it at the local rink with my feathered roach clip in my feathered hair and my glittery unicorn t-shirt.

Here's what the Chicago Tribune had to say about it:

Dahl, who had been fired from WDAI-FM when that station switched to an all-disco format, had garnered national recognition for his crusade against what he called "Disco Dystrophy." Comiskey was filled to capacity; the official attendance was more than 59,000. An estimated 15,000 fans milled outside the park. After the first game, which the Sox lost 4-1, Dahl ceremoniously blew up a crate filled with disco records. All was orderly up to that point. But as Dahl finished, thousands of fans stormed onto the field, tearing up clumps of sod, burning signs, knocking over a batting cage and flinging records like so many Frisbees. Police arrested 37 people; by the time order was restored, the grounds were little more than a grassy moonscape. The second game was canceled and later awarded to the Tigers by forfeit.
Keep on truckin', people!


Jennifer said...

How could you hate that wonderful peice of decorating GENIUS!

No seriously... I love the new one. :)

Marilyn said...

Oh, you brought tears to my eyes reliving the Steve Dahl days. Yes, I remember that night well, and I knew a lot of people who were there, too.

I wasn't there; I was too busy attaching glittery puffy unicorn stickers to my Chandler's while lifting Bonne Bell lip smackers from the local drugstore. What a time!

Joanne said...

Bonnebell lipsmackers! What a scream. Lipsmackers, Binaca, and Love's Baby Soft were part of my junior high arsenal.

Marilyn said...

So funny. I actually have a friend who recently admitted to me that when she wants to feel sexy & romantic with her husband - they break out the Love's Baby Soft. Who isn't hot for that?

Anonymous said...

Smells like teen spirit!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Ah yes, push button light switches. I prefer to refer to the sound they make as more of a kchunk, but that is beside the point.

If only they weren't so dreadfully expensive. My house will be getting the cheap switches available at deep discount from Home Depot in contractor packs, for now. At some future date, when I can afford it, they will be replaced with push button switches.

Now, if somebody could just make a GFI outlet that doesn't look hideous.

Joanne said...

Christopher, We'll be replacing our switches, one at a time, as the finishing touch for each room we redo. I shudder to think what the price would total if we got them all at once!