06 March, 2008

Gutter System Options -- Mermaid, Moonbeam, or Monster?

I believe that when it comes to the home, things should be beautiful as well as functional. Because Ted and I have decided that we'd like to tackle the gutter replacement ourselves, I thought it might be neat to splurge a tiny bit on something fun because we'll be saving literally hundreds of dollars by not hiring a gutter contractor. Sure, the gutter will be on the back of the garage, visible only if we use the doors on the back (and only after we replace those doors). But what an opportunity to try some whimsical features!

We've been looking at the gutters on Classic Gutter Systems, which range from about $2.70-$9.00 per foot, copper being more expensive. Here's what the copper looks like with several choices of fascia brackets. I'm drawn to the curly one in the middle that rises higher than the others.

I also like these two choices, not seen in the image above:


Moon and Stars

In addition, they have a couple of dozen fascia bracket accessories that can be attached to the plain fascia brackets--such as the two at the far left of the top image--to give them more bling. This is my favorite:


My mom and I have a thing for gargoyles, and if we add this guy, he probably won't be our last.

So, any opinions on what might look best?


Amalie said...

I want choices like this to make on our house. "Where should we stash the 87 boxes of crap we need to get rid of until we can make another trip to the dump" just isn't very exciting.

I like the mermaids and the gargoyles. The gargoyles are so classic. But mermaids are whimsical!

Hmm...I think I'd swing classic.

Lady Quilter said...

if you insist on doing this yourself, and I do think the practice will be good, I vote for the gargoyles. Then the over the front door won't be lonely!

Jennifer said...

It's your house... I vote go FUN! The basic construction of your house as a box will only enhance something more ornate. :)
I think they are all cool... go with the one that means the most to you!ee

Joanne said...

Jennifer--You're right; anything to make The Box House less boxy can only help. :-)

Mom--We probably should order that gargoyle for the roof over the entrance; I just saw it on sale!

Amalie--We've decided on the gargoyles; I'm so psyched. And now you have me wondering if there is a cheap, drive-it-to-the-dump-ourselves option for us instead of putting a little bit of the trash out each week. It would be nice to clear out things all at once.

Amalie said...

Yep-- our landfill here has a deal every Saturday. ickup trucks full are like $5.80 or something; trailers are still charged by thte pound, but it's a really reduced rate. We've never paid more than $7 for a full trailer, even when it was heaping, mounding over with plaster. It's a pain, but so much cheaper than roll-off service.

Amalie said...

Wow. I need to remember to proofread...

Joanne said...

Although "Ick"up truck sounds appropriate for garbage.