21 March, 2008

Hamantaschen and the Weird Workings of the Web

I think the house blog community often shares a hive mind, some sort of collaborative thought process where you'll find the same themes or similar experiences popping up on various blogs within a very short period of time. Tonight I was going to do a blog post on hamantaschen, an Eastern European cookie often served at Purim, which falls this weekend. Our town and neighboring communities have a large Jewish population, and Ted and I have enjoyed checking out the bakeries and delicatessens in the area and trying out new foods. We've been gorging ourselves on apricot and poppyseed hamantaschen all week.

But before sitting down to write, I always go through my blog roll to see what's up with everyone else, and one of my favorite bloggers, Marilyn, wrote a lovely post on these delicious cookies complete with photos and a link to a recipe--and with a nifty twist about the workings of the Internet.

Thanks, Marilyn, for saving me the effort and writing a much better post than I would have pulled together. As for me, I'm just going to post a photo of the wind-up walking hamantaschen I bought at Jewel.

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Marilyn said...

Joanne, thanks! That really is crazy. Even crazier - when you commented (at 819) about this, my first thought was "hive. We are like a hive."

Glad you loves the hamantaschen. They are excellent snacks - as good as peeps! And boy, do I miss the Jewel.