18 April, 2008

Celebrating 100 Posts at The Box House

How can I have posted one hundred entries already? We've only lived here since the end of February. But that's what Blogger is telling me, so it must be true.

So, what better way is there to celebrate than with flowers? Mom and I went to the Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago this afternoon. And we sniffed the pretty flowers.

And we drooled over the trees that, unfortunately, won't fit in our budget this year.

And while we really wanted to bring home some bold and beautiful items to plant in the yard...

... we only picked up a few annuals, deciding to wait to see what other treasures pop up that were left behind by the previous owners.


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! Blue hydrangeas are so beautiful and surreal. And Gesthemane is a cool name for the garden center, no?

Amy said...


Do you know what that last flower is in your pictures? I just moved into my old house last fall and I have those coming up too.

Joanne said...

Hi Amy--I think it's some kind of crocus, although I'm not sure which variety.

Marilyn--I may have to invest in a smaller arrangement, because those blue hydrangeas are gorgeous.