21 April, 2008

Free Shrubs to New Home, Come and Get 'Em!

Along the entire front of the house is a row of kinda nice but very badly placed evergreen shrubs. (Ignore, for the moment, the tall fir tree practically growing out of the foundation--that's a separate issue to be dealt with later.) The bushes completely block a row of windows. Aside from smothering any light that trys to make its way to our basement, they block important egress routes from the building. I'd hate to be caught in the basement if something blows up or catches fire and the only route out is by trying to struggle through a bush. And if I dread the thought, imagine my mom trying to make her way past them.

So we don't want them.

I'll be calling around to a few tree removal places to get a quote on what it would cost to take out the lot. No doubt it will be prohibitively expensive, so we will also look into the DIY route and maybe rent the equipment to chip out the roots. But because I'm a big softy when it comes to trees--even shrubs I don't want--I'd rather see them go to a new home than be chopped up.

So, I just placed an ad on Craigslist, but if there is anyone in the house blogging community who wants a bunch of bushes for their yard or knows of someone who might, drop me an e-mail at blog(a)compassrose.com or post a reply. They're free!

(The pics are from last fall; I have actually raked up the leaves since then.)

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