13 October, 2008

Carrying a Big Stick

The problem with working on more than one property at a time is that sometimes you realize you left a critical tool or bit of equipment behind. This week I forgot my paint clothes and a taller ladder. After driving out an hour to get to Mom's house, I wasn't going to go back for them.

Anyway, remember that watermelon-sized hornet's nest we discovered last week?

I had saturated it in hornet/wasp spray until the thing was dripping. That beast shoulda been dead.

Mom and I had lunch near this tree while at the house, and there wasn't a single hornet flying nearby, even though we had a coupla sticky sweet Cokes that should have lured them.

"I guess it's safe to knock out of the tree," I said.

But without the ladder, I couldn't climb up to get the nest down. And since we were showing the house to prospective tenants later in the afternoon, I didn't want this big, paper nest hanging near the front door.

I figured the intelligent thing to do would be to take a stick and whack it after all. Here's me bringing my game face to the challenge. Grrr.

Unfortunately, the stick was too short. So I threw it, javelin-style, at the nest.

Look at that expert form. Ha! I don't think I've seen a more awkward-looking picture of me.

I barely grazed the nest. I was just thinking to retrieve the stick for another try, when several dozen very angry hornets came streaming out. We made a mad scramble for the garage.

So much for the Hot Shot Wasp and Hornet Spray I used. Was the product a bust, or did I wait too long to retrieve the nest? The label said it would kill everything in it as well as anything returning to the nest.


modernemama said...

From past experience, it's stick in one hand, spray can in the other. Practice first so you don't try to throw the can and spray with the stick...

Karen Anne said...

My guess is it didn't get all the way into the nest.

And on my front, trying to figure out where ants are coming in from...

Joanne said...

modernemama--I really should just get a bee keeper suit or something, I know I'm going to get my hands mixed up and try to spray with the stick, with disastrous results.

karen anne--Arrgh. Ants are frustrating. It took us several weeks this spring to rid ourselves of ants in the kitchen. I just left enough boric acid out for them to find on their own and take back to the nest. That did the trick.