06 October, 2008

McCain and Palin Scare the Hell Out of Me

I try to keep personal politics out of my house blog, but tonight I can't help it. John McCain and Sarah Palin scare the sh** out of me, and I have never been more nervous about the outcome of an election than I am this year.

In the 20-odd years I've been allowed to vote--and I do tend to vote Democrat--I have never witnessed a campaign filled with more hatred, racism, divisiveness, and fear mongering than what is coming out of the McCain camp. I have been watching YouTube videos this evening of McCain/Palin rallies, where people in the audience are shouting things like "He's a terrorist, kill him!" when McCain asks a rhetorical question like, "And who is Barack Obama?" It's obvious McCain hears the audience members, and is saying nothing. It's like a freakin' Klan rally. Politics can be dirty, but this is disgusting.

I've met with friends and neighbors in recent weeks who are Republican, and who are as disgusted as I am. Some won't be voting at all this year, some are jumping ship and voting Democratic for the first time in their lives. What I can't understand or forgive, however, are the ones who say they don't like McCain either, that Palin scares them, too, but who will stubbornly vote Republican because that's how they've always voted. Now how messed up is that??


Karen Anne said...
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Karen Anne said...

Illinois is is looking solid blue on the Demconwatch map, take some comfort from that:

I don't think the country can survive four more years like the last eight.