04 April, 2009

Haiku to Our Washing Machine and Dryer

Joy! A new machine.
Fresh socks and clean underwear!
Wash, rinse, tumble dry.

Yeah, I suck at haiku. But the replacement of our very ancient washing machine and dryer was an event worth celebrating in poetic verse, perhaps the single greatest improvement we made at The Box House in the year we've been here.

I remembered as I was taking a photo of the set this evening for the ad listing I'm writing for the rental unit, that I had never made mention of the new machines--although I had complained bitterly about the old ones, I think.

There were two sets. One on the right:

And one on the left:

I took both these pictures during our final walk through. We didn't test the machines, but saw that the previous owner's granddaughter, who lived in the building, was using them. As it turned out, only one dryer worked, but you had to tape the door shut or lean a heavy weight against it to keep it closed. One dryer didn't really work at all. One washer worked well enough, but clothes never smelled fresh. One washer worked for very small loads only. The washing machine output hose drained directly into sink, something I wasn't used to but could deal with. What I couldn't deal with was the nasty-smelling stocking that was being used as a lint filter. And the flexible dryer house that was supposed to be sending the hot air outside? Broken. Who knows for how long. But it was obvious steam had been doing a number on the paint; you can see how everything in that corner was peeling away.

And underneath, behind, and beside each machine there dwelt a hairy spider. Shudder.

But the tinkers took the old machines away...

And not a day goes by where I don't give thanks for the new machines.

Ooh. Shiny.

For the curious, we went with the LG extra large capacity set that was on sale last fall from The Home Depot. Pricey little things (although less so with the coupons), but look at the color! Bahama Blue. We'll have to design the rest of the room around it.


Jen said...

Our washer is maybe 30 years old and sounds like
a freight train when it is on spin cycle.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


Those are truly gorgeous.

We've looked at washing machines recently, and while A. has tended toward the colored ones, my inclination has been in the direction of the basic, boring white ones. Yours, however, are stunning, and almost have me sold.

Now, what I'd really love to have is one of the sexy new models made by LG that combine the washer and dryer in one unit, run on 110 power, and don't require ventilation. If only we had someplace on our second floor to put such a unit (and if only we could afford it).

Jean Martha said...

i am so jealous!!!!

Tonia said...

The w/d are indeed things of beauty, and possibly the only anachronisms at the Box House.

I covet them.

Jennifer said...

Nice! I love our front loaders. Our front loaders are the opposites of yours, though. They are super SMALL! We don't have a nice big basement for a laundry room, though, :( so we have to save space.

Joanne said...

Jenni--I found the manual for one of the machines we got rid of, and it was nearly 40 years old. I'm glad the tinkers took them for scrap, so at least they were all recycled.

Christopher--I didn't even know there was such a machine! That would be great, although we'd never be able to afford it, either.

Jennifer--When they first arrived, we seriously had our doubts the delivery guys would be able to maneuver these monsters down the stairs to the basement, but they managed it without scratching them. Yay! We justified the xl ones because of the tenants, but it's sure nice to get an entire set of bedding, including the quilt, done in one shot.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I had known that such machines existed in other markets, outside the US. One evening, I was watching on of those housebuying shows on HGTV, set in Hong Kong. They showed an apartment or condo with such a machine, and, after a bit of whinging to my wife, I thought that perhaps one might be able to find one here. They are available, just not cheap.

us said...

I have been daydreaming baou tthese very machines forever. So jealous!
You must tell me about the coupons... Must... Know... Coupon.. Secret...

us said...

oops about these things...

Joanne said...

You can get moving coupons from Home Depot at: Home Depot Moving; it's not like they check if you're actually moving. Lowes has something similar: Lowes Coupon.