03 June, 2009

Alley Garden Progress

When we first moved to The Box House, the alley side of the garage was a bit of a mess.

It was a dumping ground for sand, refuse, broken glass, and dead leaves. A tree was growing from the foundation.

Here it is today:

Last year, I had whacked the weed tree down and soaked it in root kill. I have yet to decide how I'm going to remove the root ball. You can still see a bit of the stump at the far end of the picture. The hostas are all hand-me-downs, transplanted from the gardens of friends and family. The brick edging is primarily made from bricks I've found or dug up in the yard. The bushy things at the far left are two forsythia saplings I got for free last year. When they've had another year or so of growth on them and can fend for themselves, I'll plant them elsewhere in the yard. For now, the garage blocks the roughest of winter winds. There are some lilies of the valley here, too, transplanted from the back of the house, where we found hundreds of them growing.

Not bad for a free garden, eh?


Jennifer said...

Nice! I love free gardens. I've been digging, dividing, and transplanting in mine this week.

min hus said...

This looks a 1000% better. It's amazing how much pretty green garden you can squeeze in a little strip.

We (and by we I mean the Boyfriend) recently removed seven bushes. He ended up whacking the main root loose with an axe. It's not as impossible as it sounds. I even did one. Though maybe you can entice your mister to do it, I needed more muscle.