04 June, 2009

Surprise Irises and a Ring of Granite

These purple iris plants weren't here last year. Last summer, this corner of the garden was filled with debris and scrub brush. When we removed all the junk and began adding new plants, the iris popped up unexpectedly, a lovely gift from a previous owner. Who knows when they last bloomed.

When we were at Crazy Horse Monument last week, we loaded up the trunk with some rocks that came from the blast pile. You can take some for a small donation. So yes, we drove back 900 miles with a load of pink rocks, but we managed to get enough to ring our dwarf peach and plum trees.

Now I just need to find enough rocks to put a border around this tree, my favorite in our yard. I planted all of those hostas last summer; they'd be doing better if every dog in the neighborhood didn't pee on them. Really, why do people let their dogs do that?

I hope that by making it look more like a planned garden, people would be less inclined to let their dogs stomp all over the plants. But who am I kidding?


Cambridge Homes said...

You hit on one of my major pet peeves - dog walkers letting their pets do their business on my lawn, my plants, etc. I feel a rant coming on... But I'll refrain! I'm going to have some vintage-look metal "No Dogs Please" signs made and post them every few feet along the sidewalk. Your landscaping is lovely by the way!


Joanne said...

Liz, would you believe we have two of those "No Dogs" signs in our flower beds and dog walkers will actually let their dogs pee on them. One woman thought it meant they couldn't squat, because it showed a dog squatting, but peeing was okay.

I don't mind dogs using the grass in the parkway, but plants are expensive, and young plants are easily damaged.

And don't get me started on the ones who don't clean up after their dogs...I'm thinking of taking photos and posting them on my front door of all the offenders. A sort of wall of shame. :-)

Anyway, thanks for the nice comments about the landscaping!

Karen Anne said...

Green Fairy, why posters? Why not the real thing? (I am laughing because I am no longer on Dog Walking Central :-)

Karen Anne said...

On their front steps, I mean.