08 November, 2009

Arrrghhh! I've Been Outbid on the Gustave E. Villaret Deco Sconces

I've been watching this set of sconces on eBay all week, and didn't put my bid in until the last seven seconds; I was outbid in the last four. Grrrr. I'm super bummed, as these 1929 fixtures were from the same series as our dining room chandelier.

So...if anyone has this same set of sconces, let me know your price. They were designed by Gustave E. Villaret of Leonia, New Jersey, for the
Metropolitan-Columbia Manufacturing Company. The patent on the back reads: DESIGN PAT 78678. Actually, if you have any other light fixtures from this same series, let me know. I'd definitely be interested. The ones we already have are:

The Chandelier

Our Living Room Sconces (shown with arm from our chandelier for comparison).

Phooey. I'm so bummed.


Karen Anne said...

What a shame! I thought ebay was going to do something about sniping, like automatically extent the deadline a bit if that happened.

I decided against buying a nightstand that matched my bedroom set a few months ago, because I thought I needed a bookcase in that space instead. Now I'm sorry :-) And that's the only matching one to my set that I've seen in several years of having a search saved for it.

Joanne said...

My problem is that after watching the auction all week, I felt very possessive about them, and was shocked when I didn't win. How dare someone else take my sconces from me? LOL.

But I bet the seller is happy we bid them up...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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