17 November, 2009


Joanne asked me to occasionally mention my quilting progress. I've just completed three of them, my favorite being the kitty quilt I did for Ted and the kitties. The blocks came from a swap I did with one of my online quilting groups, Quilters Who care. Works like a cookie exchange. I added a photo block with a picture taken of Bella and Seamus when they first came to live with us last year.

The quilt is big enough for two people to snuggle under and two cats to sit on top!

Moots (Box House Mom)


Jenne said...

I love the kitty quilt!!! :) And the idea of an online block swap...I'll have to look into those :)

Karen Anne said...

That's terrific :-) How are photo blocks made?

Lady Quilter said...

From what I understand, photo blocks are made several different ways. One is using the photo ink, in your printer - take the fabric and press to the shiny side of regular freezer paper, cut the excess fabric off. Then feed into your printer, fabric side positioned so it is the side printed on. There are chemicals that the fabrics is first soaked in, after drying, press to paper. But to make it even easier go to any Michaels or Joanns, they have printer fabric sheets. Just feed these into your printer. I haven't tried any of these methods. I found someone, on ebay, who printed the picture for me. I got an 8 X 10 a couple of 4 X 6 and 2 X 3. Was a while back I don't recall cost. But not bad.
Boxhouse Mom

Jen said...

How CUTE. Great Pattern.