29 March, 2010

Moving Right Along!!!

Spring may be peeking around the corner but it's a little cold to really start working in the yard. Soooo . . . I took advantage of Joanne and Ted recently being away for a week and started painting the living room. Like the rest of the house, we used Venetian Plaster. Goes on with a small trowel instead of brush or roller. Really lots of fun. Just smear the paint all over the wall, don't worry about being neat or covering everywhere with an even coat. I did the first coat, which basically covered the old paint. Joanne came back later and did the final, finishing coat. This is where more care is needed to make sure there aren't any spots with thicker paint. Like I said . . .Easy!!

Since the house was built in the 20s we wanted to add decorator touches that were popular then. Art Deco and Egyptian. The warm tan on the walls reminds us of a pharaoh's tomb. The large papyrus over the two chairs was brought back from Egypt by Joanne years ago.

This is another finished corner of the room. The framed papyrus, over the antique radio, was also brought from Egypt. The two plaques, on the left, were made by my father, Joanne's grandfather, almost 30 years ago. Lon did art 'n' craft shows and these were pieces from his Egyptian period. They look like pictures that were chiseled from the walls of a tomb.

The figurine of Ganesh, on the radio, will someday be replaced with Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess.

Still working on the other side of the room. Pictures later. :)


Jericho said...

Looks great! Love the venetian plaster---just did a bathroom with that for some friends and it was easy and gorgeous! Also thought your Egyptian decor was a great accent!

Jen said...

The venetian plaster looks great.
I love the pieces done by your grandfather. Lovely.