16 March, 2010


After taking the dog for a nice, long afternoon walk we returned home. Maggie wanted to cut across the yard, on the stepping stones Joanne put in last year. This is when we discovered Spring Has Arrived!!

These seem to be the first of the many Crocus bulbs we put in and the squirrels didn't dig up!

Don't recall what this is but it's green and coming back!

These bulbs, whatever they are, are coming up next to the stepping stones in our Moon Garden at the west side of the house.
So I guess Spring has finally arrived, or at least this week. Does this mean no more snow? I doubt it. Mother Natures has a wicked sense of humor. But I'll take what we have for now.

Boxhouse Mom


Anonymous said...

The second picture looks like a sedum to me. They are very early to break ground.

Joanne said...

Nice pics, Mom. It hasn't been too bad a winter, but it's sure been long.