27 September, 2011

The Porch -- Done!

Now that phase 1 of the bathroom restoration is done, we were able to reclaim the back porch, which had been sort of a staging area for the project, the place where we stored the new sink and toilet for the last year until we were able to replace the old cloth wire and replumb the lines in the bathroom. But, it's done. There's room for a desk out here now, and a few comfy chairs. It's turned into a fair-weather office, where I can work on client projects and overlook the garden. Much of the artwork on the walls has been done by family members.

This perspective shows the stairs leading up to the tenant unit, as well as the stairs to the back door. The pink doll house is the one my dad made when I was a little girl.

All in all, the porch has turned into quite the cozy spot, a perfect place for a cup of coffee with the morning paper.

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