06 April, 2008

The Lighthouse

I spotted this poster on eBay today; I was tempted until I saw that it was $175.00--for a reproduction of the original 1923 poster. Sheesh. Also, I can't believe we've been here for a month already and I haven't even gone to see the lighthouse. Now that Spring seems to have finally sprung, I think I'll have to rally the others to go on a field trip.


Marilyn said...

Thanks for showing it, Joanne, and activating my itchy eBay trigger finger. What a beauty - but then I'm a sucker for any Chicago-related WPA or travel poster that ends in "shore" or "line!"

Joanne said...

I love WPA art as well. My old post office in Uptown has two murals by Henry Varnum Poor that feature Carl Sandburg and Louis Sullivan. (How very Chicago!)

I kinda miss the murals, although the Evanston post office does have the cool WPA gold sculptures.

Jen said...

Great graphics on the print.
Too bad about the price, keep looking you'll find it for less..
Sometimes you can find hi res files free or for sale and print your on using one of the photo sites.

Anonymous said...

The poster store across Michigan Ave. from the Art Institute has carried cards with that image in the past. I don't think they do a reproduction at this time, but I haven't been in there in a few years. You might want to check it out, or at least check out some frame shops in Evanston. I know one Oak Park shop carries that card.