30 August, 2008

Angie's List

Does anyone else out there use Angie's List to find contractors? I let my membership lapse recently because I was too lazy to update the credit card. We used Angie maybe two or three times over the course of two years, and did find decent contractors through the service, including a roofing guy for our condo, a building inspector, and a floor refinisher. But the membership costs are not cheap, considering we only used the service occasionally.

When I tried to log in today, the site indicated my membership had expired, but I could log in again with an updated credit card number. Fine. Only, when I followed all the links, I found they demanded another "one-time-only" fee of $15.00 to rejoin. Seemed a bit silly to demand another one-time fee, plus the monthly fee, when I was a prior member. But I did it and I'll argue with them later. We need to find a roofing contractor, because we're not having much luck isolating a roof leak on our own.

Blah. This is the part about home improvement I can't stand, the contractor interview process.

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