28 August, 2008

Our Preservation Efforts Hit the News

Both Ted and our non-profit got a mention in today's Chicago Journal/News Star (a northside Chicago paper) for our preservation efforts surrounding the Uptown Theatre. The image above is a 1926 advertisement from the theatre's opening day. To read all about the theatre's history, go here. To read an excerpt of the News-Star article, continue reading below.


The gray old lady is ready
Is a makeover for the Uptown Theatre waiting in the wings?


For decades, the Uptown Theatre's loudest champions have watched a succession of owners mishandle the once "palace of enchantment" as if it were a shabby clown painting on velvet. They remember the bad times, when sheens of ice covered the winding staircases in the Grand Lobby, of burst water pipes and investors that raised their hopes for building's restoration, only to walk away broke and defeated.

Since the announced sale of the Uptown Theatre to Jerry Mickelson of Jam Productions, the Uptown's champions are cautiously optimistic that the architectural landmark will finally get the makeover they've been waiting and fighting for. Mickelson's limited liability company, UTAII, purchased the theater in a court auction for $3.2 million last month...

For complete article, go here.

Uptown Theatre image courtesy Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads. All Rights Reserved.


Marilyn said...

Congrats, Joanne! Everyone should applaud your efforts for the Uptown. Clap Clap!!

StuccoHouse said...

Congrats! You so need to get that billing poster framed with the newspaper sotry on the back of the frame :-)

Joanne said...

Marilyn--Thanks for the good cheer!

Stuccohouse--That's not a bad idea. But I'm waaay behind in getting things framed. :-(