07 August, 2008

Celebrity Look Alikes

In a complete effort at avoiding work, I plugged my photo into one of those what-celebrity-do-you-look-like thingamajigs at myheritage.com.

Here I used a late-night, slightly tipsy photo of myself:

Apparently, when I have my liquor on, I look most like the former president of Sri Lanka.

Wearing my glasses got me matched up with a bunch of glasses-wearing celebs.

Jack Osbourne and Philip Seymour Hoffman? Really? I'm going to have to remember to pluck my chin hair more often. But I can dig looking like Janeane Garofalo; I always thought she was adorable.

When I brush my hair, I get some hotter-looking celeb matches.

I dunno. Do you think Gary Oldman looks enough like me to be my brother? And my teenage crush on River Phoenix now seems a bit narcissistic.

And when I'm eating eggs, I look most like Sophia Bush or Ariel Sharon.

Seriously, this is a ridiculous piece of software. By manipulating what images I upload, I can match myself to either the Olsen Twins or Carrot Top.

Update: Mom wanted to get in on the fun, so we uploaded one of her, too.

Rita Hayworth, not bad! But Senator Paul Simon? I'm just not seeing it. Here's Ted:

Hugh Jackman and John Candy.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of stunned that Eddie Murphy is your celebrity lookalike.

And now I'm very very afraid of who I might match with.

Joanne said...

Yeah, that one kinda surprised me, too. :-)

Why S? said...

Gary Oldman is hot. Thanks for sharing this bit of fun.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I've been trying this! Here are some things for which you and your mom can thank your lucky stars:

1) Eminem is NOT one of your matches.
2) L. Ron Hubbard is NOT one of your matches.

This could give a girl a complex, y'know?

Jean Martha said...

Soooo much fun! I'm totally going to torture the Fiance with this.