05 March, 2009

My Bank, as Seen in the Trailer for the Johnny Depp Film "Public Enemies"

This is very exciting. The trailer for the new Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies, has been released. It heavily features the 80-plus-year-old Bridgeview Bank (originally Sheridan Trust and Savings), located at Lawrence and Broadway in Chicago. Ted and I opened our business accounts here, just so we could get to visit this amazing bank on a regular basis, and I'm thrilled to see it get such coverage. I'm pretty sure that's our safety deposit vault that they're robbing! (I think the only thing in there at the moment are our passports and a backup of my computer files, circa 2006.)

You can watch the trailer here:


Thumbnail image of the Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank, Uptown, Chicago, 1924. Image courtesy University of Minnesota Libraries, Manuscripts Division, Northwest Architectural Archives.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. A bunch of the street scenes were filmed in Oshkosh, which is just south of us. For weeks, Johnny Depp sightings were front-page news in every single local paper. Just crazy.

Lady Quilter said...

Gee! when I was a kid my dentist was in that building! :)