18 March, 2009

Need Help Identifying Light Fixtures. Deco? Mid-Century? Home Depot Special?

We had to fix a leaky shower head in the tenants' unit this week, so while we were up there I took a few more pictures of some of the light fixtures that are in place. Soon as we can coordinate with the tenants, we'll start swapping some of these out with the fixtures I picked up on eBay.

These candle sconces we're keeping:

Fixture A.

There are four of them total upstairs, and they just need to be stripped of the gawd-awful paint and rewired. These are no doubt original to the house, circa 1920s.

But this one I'm not sure:

Fixture B.

It's currently in the dining room and is much too small for the space. The vintage one we're replacing it with can be seen here. Although not my particular style, this floral number is kinda quaint. I was thinking 1930s, based on some I've seen on eBay. Does anyone else recognize the style? Rather than rehome it, I might put it in another one of the bedrooms, which is currently lit with bare bulbs.

What about this one?

Fixture C.

It's a pull cord, and the shade is similar to many I've seen on eBay reputedly from the 1920s. Thoughts? (It's being replaced with this one from the 1930s.) I'm not sure yet if we'll be rehoming this one or not. I'm not overly fond of it, and can't think of a place for it. But it's in great shape.

And finally, there is this:

Fixture D.

It's also on a pull cord. Various eBay sellers are calling similar ones a) deco, b) mid-century modern, c) vintage, d) antique, e) used. I suspect it's fairly recent. I don't have a replacement for it yet, so more than likely it will stay for the time being.


Jan Marie said...

I have 2 books that cover lighting of the 20's 30's and 40's. Gimme an hour or so and I'll see if I can find them. I love that ceiling fixture with the hand painted flowers.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

I have the exact D. light in my kitchen! Way too small for the kitchen. SO if you find a buyer who is interested in TWO lights of the same kind we can cut him a deal! Yours and mine.

LIGHTING is the biggest problem I have right now in this house. I also have two floral lights like you have. One sconce--- but in a room with a "sconce" I always feel like you need at least two. One is just too lonely?

Jan Marie said...

Well I looked through both books. I found one sconce very similar to yours but not exact. Made by the Frankelite Company of Cleveland Ohio. Logo is the letter F inside a diamond shape. It says the finish is Victoria which is a combination of hammered effect brass, richly antiqued with soft shade of russet brown with just a touch of cherry red and blue.

Couldn't find anything exact for next two. But I did find similar shapes. My guess from what I saw in the books is these are 30's.

But that last one looks more 50's maybe 40's. I swear when I was growing up everyone had those in their kitchens. AND I am not that old!!!!!!

Great lights though. Gary at This Old Crack House stripped and painted sconces. They looked great when he was finished.

Good luck.

Joanne said...

Dynochick, you so totally rock! Thanks so much for your help in identifying these!

I took a look at the sconces Gary repainted, what an inspiration!

Just a Girl--Too funny! I'll let you know if I put mine up for sale. And I agree, sconces should always come in pairs. They look weird by themselves.

Jennifer said...

I love the floral painted one. I have no idea when it's from, but it would be in my bedroom if I had one! I just LOVE it. :)

Karen Anne said...

I'm very fond of the floral painted shade too. I suspect the base was not originally painted. I had bases like that in my old kitchen, they were nickel-looking.

Fixture C, no so much. Maybe the shade, but the base looks modern.

Fixture D is very much like the style of the one in my bathroom. This house was remodeled down to a few matchsticks in the 1980s.

denise said...

Fixture D looks a lot like one we just cleaned up in our house. It was made by Porcelier, which, from what I could find, was around from the late 1920s to 1950s. I don't know if ours was original to the house, but I thought it might be from the '30s — of course I know nothing about vintage light fixtures, so dynochick is probably correct and may be more like 1940s or '50s. We moved it from our TV room (former bedroom) to the kitchen.