22 March, 2009

Patience & Wisdom

Mom e-mailed me this picture today, captioned "Patience and Wisdom."

I'm not sure our Maggie would sit so quietly. Our neighborhood is filled with skunks. I didn't see or smell much of them this past winter, but in the last week or so they've made their presence known. I always make sure our back porch light is on before stepping away from the door. Last fall, I practically stepped on one as I left the house--that would not have been good.

Nothing much to report in the way of home improvement projects this weekend--I took advantage of the terrific weather and spent about six hours puttering in the garden and cleaning it of winter debris. I still have a long, long way to go on that.


modernemama said...

My dogs would be going nuts!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, Molly would be a giant stinkfest if that happened. No way she would tolerate that!

Lady Quilter said...

Dogs are funny. Our current dog, Maggie, had one cornered in the backyard around midnight. Casually walked over to it, touched noses then came when I called her - the 10th time! Didn't get skunked either. I grabbed her collar guided to house, looking over my shoulder every step of the way. Skunk watched us then walked to next yard. Strange things happen.