18 September, 2008

Home Depot Gift Card

Recently, Ted and I received a Home Depot Gift Card from two of our favorite people. It was a very generous gift, and one we really appreciate.

Back in June, as you regular readers may recall, I bought a hand edging tool and made a big production out of edging our front walkway to the door. By now, you would think I had the whole sidewalk done. Well, I was full of sh**. Edging with a manual edger is hard; I gave up after a while, simply because it was taking too long, and the grass has continued to overtake the sidewalk.

We used the Home Depot card on an electric Black and Decker Edge Hog. Oh. My. God. This tool is fabulous. The edger cuts through the turf in a fraction of the time--love it. I'm still not completely around the house; even with the electric edger, I'm still cutting through turf 2-3 inches thick. But I should be done by the weekend, working on it a little at a time.

The other thing we bought was a motion light for the back yard. With all the creatures and critters and Buddha-statue thieves we have prowling around, it seemed like a prudent thing.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, to you who gave us the Home Depot card. You've made our lives a little easier. :-)

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Marilyn said...

What a thoughtful gift. I can only imagine how smooth that edger feels after all that manual labor!