07 September, 2008

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from the 1970s

Would you eat this?

Why oh why don't I find things as cool as these in our basement? I first spotted this link to Vintage Weight Watchers Recipe Cards (with commentary no less) at Holy Hudson, home to fellow houseblogger Hallie, who is currently trying to rid her home of a horrific chicken wallpaper border.

Click on the first recipe card when you get to the site, and scroll through the rest. I nearly bust a gut laughing because I actually remember these cards.


LadyCiani said...

Oh, wow. That bean and mushroom salad is kind of ... round and damp looking. Like they up-ended a bowl full of it, sprinkled some lettuce "garnish," and then shouted "That's perfect! Take the picture now!"

Joanne said...

I shudder every time I look at it. Maybe that's how the Weight Watchers program worked then--who'd want to try that?