14 September, 2008

Texas Roads Closed, and We Worry as My Brother is Stuck There

Well, it looks like my brother and family can't get out of town, at least for now. The roads are closed to all but official vehicles and there's a curfew in place for Houston for the next week (I'm not sure about the suburbs and outlying areas). There are 2.5 million people or so without power, and the current estimate is that it may be four weeks before power to their location can be restored. I'm not sure what they're going to do.

Here are a few images of my brother's area that I found on Flickr that show the damage from Hurricane Ike. Click on the link below each to go directly to the site and see the full-size versions, and to find others that the photographer took.

Fallen tree severs home, Tomball/Magnolia Texas.

Trailer with Ron Paul 2008 painted on front, minor damage, Tomball/Magnolia Texas.


Karen Anne said...

Hope they get some electrical crews in there from other states. If I remember correctly from when I lived in California that's what happened after the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Joanne said...

karen anne--Thanks for your kind thoughts. It does sound like crews from other states are coming in to help. Hopefully, they'll get power restored sooner than expected.