14 September, 2008

Yesterday Was Chicago's Rainiest Day. Ever.

With folks suffering some serious losses due to Hurricane Ike, and my own brother affected by the storm, it seems just wrong to complain about the weather here. But it should be noted that yesterday broke all records for rain in Chicagoland:

After the rainiest day in recorded Chicago history, residents across the area faced more storms, closed roads and flooded basements Sunday as the remnants of Hurricane Ike were expected to arrive. Saturday's rainfall, as measured at O'Hare International Airport, was at least 6.63 inches, breaking the city calendar-day record of 6.49 on Aug. 14, 1987. Records have been kept since 1871. The storm, which was blamed for at least one death, also clogged dozens of roads and stranded motorists from Evanston to Schaumburg to Naperville. The Edens Expressway was closed for hours, and access to O'Hare blocked by both road and train... (Full story here.)

This is not a great time to need roof repairs done. After trying to schedule in contractors to examine it, and wait for them to get around to getting us estimates, we can't even schedule a day for repairs until the rain clears and the roof dries out. And in the meantime, it's been the rainiest weekend in Chicago history--nearly eight inches fell in some areas and another three to four inches are forecast for today--and the water continues to drip, drip, drip into the tenants' unit. There's not much we can do, but I'm feeling like a crappy landlord.


Marilyn said...

Joanne - glad everyone's okay. I was visiting and just left O'Hare in time! Stay dry (or get a paddle) :)

Joanne said...

Yikes, you certainly picked a wet weekend for a visit!

Jen said...

Hope it all is drying out by now.
Your mom's quilts are beauties.

Joanne said...

Jenni--We've had our first sunny day in a week, so I went out to mow the lawn. Boy, was it getting tall with all this rain!