20 May, 2009

Project Linus

As you know, I went to the Chicago Quilt Festival 2009 at the Rosemont Convention Center a few weeks ago. I forgot to mention Project Linus. It's a program where volunteer groups from all over the country provide loving, warm quilts and knit blankets to children in need. Children who have been traumatized by whatever means, seriously ill and in need of a warm hug and comfort. There are over 100 chapters all over the country that have made more than 3 million blankets/quilts to date.

There was a large booth at the quilt show set up by Project Linus where people could sit down and work on a block, or more, that would be stitched into quilts. The blocks were pre-cut and fabric crayons were available for participants to draw any picture or write words of comfort. Once these blocks were finished they were hung on the walls for all to see.

Additional information for Project Linus can be found at www.projectlinus.org or just Google Project Linus.

Like I mentioned, they accept knit blankets as well as quilts in baby size up to, I believe, a large lap or twin.

Box Mom

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Kristy said...

My aunt and mom are part of a large quilt club here in St. Louis and I've assisted them on several occasions with making quilts for Project Linus. Glad to see that it's still going strong.