08 May, 2009

Icebox Access Panel from the Enclosed Porch

Because Karen Ann was curious about our iceboxes, here are the pics. The panels are at the backside of the iceboxes, which are built into the walls in the pantry on each floor, adjacent to the back porches.

Back in the 20s/30s when people had ice delivered every few days the iceman would just open the back panel, put in the ice and leave, all without disturbing the family.

My great-grandmother had one in her kitchen but the iceman needed to come into the house for the deliveries.

Our iceboxes themselves are in great condition with the exception of the panels being painted shut years ago, a sad battleship grey. They look like several layers of paint from over the years. Future project, when we get as far as working on the porches, will be to strip the backside of the iceboxes and open these panels again. Not that we expect ice delivery anymore but it would be a neat authentic touch. Our icebox is now being used for additional storage space in the pantry. Good place for wine. :)

Box Mom


Karen Anne said...

I can remember when we had an ice box. The ice delivery man would chip slivers of ice off the blocks for the neighborhood kids.

Anonymous said...

Icebox, what icebox?? What are you doing with those LEGOS?!?!?
Not trash?