25 May, 2009

Backyard Floral Explosion!

I have been pretty busy the past few days. Trying to catch up on everyday cleaning, ugh and of course painting the unit upstairs getting ready for our new tenants coming in June. But it's been a nice holiday weekend Maggie and I decided to spend some time outside. The Bridal Veil bushes, actually in our neighbors yard, are in full bloom. The way they hang over the fence adds a lot to our yard's beauty as well. In fact I think we get the better benefit since the bushes try to follow the sun, actually growing over the fence more than in their own yard. It's a little overcast today, expecting rain, I thought I better get the pictures now before the storm brings all the blossoms down. There are a lot of these bushes in Evanston, seems like every other house, in our neighborhood has them, some quite tall too. Just beautiful, the way they look like lace. Too bad they don't last long, usually a good rain brings them down before having a chance to turn brown.

The Vampire Gargoyle actually came from our other house. It sat in the yard for many years, sitting at the back of the yard, under the trees, watching the house,protecting us from evil spirits. Once the Hostas, around him, fill out he will be peeking over their tops like he did before!

Not sure if Joanne mentioned the washing machine before but it's going strong with plants this year. This was also at our other house, Joanne and Ted brought it "home" when they picked up the BBQ grill. Actually looks better than it ever did in the past. I could never get anything to grow in it before. I think maybe too much shade. But now it has vines reaching for the sun, thanks to an added trellis. One of Maggie's favorite spots, in the yard, is in the sand pit just in front of the machine. She usually lays down, spreading out in the warm sunshine. Not today, too cool and no sun!

Better get back to the painting

Box Mom


Karen Anne said...

I ran across this amazing DIY story and interesting life story as well. Any time I feel overwhelmed by a project, I'm going to look at the photos of this elderly lady and the house she rebuilt piece by piece:

rebuilding a house 100 miles awayWho better to appreciate this than us?

Lady Quilter said...

What a marvelous story and undertaking. I'll never look at this "old house" of ours with it's creaking floors and dripping faucets in the same light. Thanks so much for sharing. I need to find the book.
Box Mom

Joanne said...

Karen Anne--thanks for the link! What an accomplishment.

Mom (Lady Quilter)--Thanks for taking a picture of the bridal veil bushes; I was afraid I wouldn't get home in time to take one. Nice that they're still in bloom.