20 May, 2009

Goodbye To Our Tenants

Like Joanne mentioned a few days ago, our tenants upstairs moved out. It was nice having them here, so quiet we hardly knew when they were home. Of course, before they left I had to make them a quilt...it was a housewarming for their new place.

So goodbye Geoff, Jennifer, and Jonas. (And thanks for letting us post the picture!)

Some of the blocks for this quilt came from a block swap--sort of like a Christmas Cookie Swap--I did with one of my online quilting groups a few years ago. I added more blocks to finish the quilt to the size I wanted. It has a gingham backing and was machine quilted on my long-arm in an allover meander pattern.

Many years ago, when I worked at JoAnn Fabrics, one of my customers, an elderly quilter, told me "You must add a label to every quilt you make, so future generations know it was you who made it!" So, bowing to a sweet woman who helped inspire my path to quilting, I added this label.

So long Geoff, Jen...and Jonas. Keep in touch and do let us know how you're coming along with your "new" 120-year-old house.



Jean Martha said...

Great quilt and lucky former-tenants!

Jen said...

How sweet. Lovely quilt.

Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful!