15 June, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.
I love you.

And Happy Father's Day, Papa.

We miss you both so much.

And a Very Happy Father's Day to my Future Father-in-Law, Bob. We hope to see you and Rachel soon!

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Sparkle Plenty said...

Aw! Great pictures of your dad and grandpa.

As always, I'm in delayedus commentus mode. I LOVE THIS: "I played the bagpipes with the University of Iowa Scottish Highlanders--and I was terrible. Just ask any of my roommates from that time period. And my parents, would you believe they actually showed up to one of my performances wearing ear plugs?" Oh, I love, love that. It takes a gutsy gal to tackle the bagpipes.

And: Your local grocery store is "JEWEL"???? Cool. So much classier than "Stop 'n Shop."