30 June, 2008

Forearm Forklift Wins Again

I know I've sung the praises of this product before, but seriously, the Forearm Forklift rocks.

The previous owners of The Box House left us with two washing machines and two dryers in the basement--appliances that are almost as old as I am, I kid you not (we have the original manuals). And while we do allow the tenants use of the laundry room, we still don't need four big, clunky appliances in the basement. There are no kids in the building, no dirty diapers to wash, just five adults with an average amount of laundry.

We'd like to use some of the space in the laundry room to add other big, clunky appliances, like a second refrigerator. So, this weekend Ted and I removed one set. All right, I admit the old Kenmore washer was more than I could handle, even with the Forearm Forklift. I'm a mere 5'1", and while pretty strong, if I do say so myself—after all, Ted and I moved ourselves because we were too cheap to hire movers—I met my match with the washing machine. We had to remove part of the motor and the concrete ballast (I had absolutely no clue there even was a big ol' chunk of concrete in the machine) before I was able to help Ted lift it. But the dryer we were able to lift and carry out with ease. No neck strain, no back pain. Just some tension on the forearms--which are far tougher than you'd imagine--and both the machines were up the stairs, out the door, and beside the driveway in (almost) no time. We would never have been able to budge them without the use of the moving straps. We just tilted each machine enough to slip the straps under them, then slipped our arms through the loops, squatted down to take the weight with our legs, and up we went. It wasn't fun, mind you. The machines are still heavy. But we didn't kill ourselves moving them.

Image from the package showing two models carrying a dryer. We did not look this good moving ours.

We left the machines in the alley, and they were gone by the next morning, taken by the tinkers. God bless those tinkers, who are always there to take our scrap metal and other interesting garbage.

Really, if you're about to move, or move something heavy, get this product. It just might keep you from getting a hernia.

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Corey said...

The forearm forklifts are seriously awesome. Fo realz.