04 June, 2008

Mother Goose

Mom drove out to the other house today to do some cleaning and stop at a few of her favorite stores in the old neighborhood. While shopping, she spotted these:

What is it about baby animals that makes the toughest of us go "awwww"? Canada geese are pretty common 'round here, but people were getting out of their cars, cell phones and cameras in hand, to snap pictures.

When I was little, I so wanted a pet goose. They had live babies for sale at the Seven Mile Fair in Wisconsin, near my uncle's house. But he wouldn't let me buy one, even though I had brought my own allowance with me and was told by my parents I could buy whatever I wanted at the fair. Phooey.

I have no idea what I was going to do with a goose in the suburbs, anyway.

Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase—that's what wild geese are for.
—Author Unknown


Jen said...

One of my Favorite Childhood books was Make Way for Ducklings.

Captain Kangaroo would read this book, too.

Awwwww.... I love this!!!

Amalie said...

Jenni-- You beat me to it!! It was also one of my favorites and the FIRST thing I thought when I saw that picture.


Jennifer said...

Shame on your uncle! Your parents told you to buy WHATEVER you wanted... I say you go BUY that goose now! :)

Lady Quilter said...

Jennifer . . I think that was the only time Joanne's uncle didn't give in. He was the biggest "marshmallow" around, next to his brother, Joanne's dad that is. Kid could usually get away with whatever they wanted.