23 June, 2008

Werner 22-Foot Type 1A 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multiladder

As part of signing up with Comcast for our cable/internet/phone needs, we ended up with a $300 gift certificate for Amazon. We're using it to buy a Werner 22-Foot Telescoping Multiladder. It's supposed to be like the Little Giant (As-Seen-On-TV) ladder, but it's cheaper and the reviews are pretty good. It can be used as an extension ladder, broken into two separate stepladders, and even used on stairs. Who knew I'd get so excited about a ladder? The ones we have now are either a)as old as the house, made of wood, and completely unsafe or b)short stepladders we brought with when we moved in.

And, since I have an Amazon.com affiliate account, Ted ordered the ladder through the link above and I'll get a small commission for the sale. Not bad, eh?


Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

I was just reading a good post by Todd at Home Construction Improvement about ladder safety. Not implying that your gonna fall off your ladder. Just observing.

Andy said...

Yay ladder.
Boo Comcast. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Joanne said...

Ethan--Thanks for the link; it's good to keep safety in mind. My dad once fell two stories from a ladder after being stung by a wasp (he was banged up but walked away).

Andy--I hear ya on Comcast. Our choices up here were limited, and Comcast sucks less than RCN. :-)