23 November, 2008

Cat Food Bowls on the Cheap

We are picking up our kitties on Saturday. Yay!

I went to Target to stock up on some necessary items: cat food (manufacturer's coupon, plus store coupon, plus a free Target gift card for buying two cases cut the price in half), water dispenser, cat scratch pads, etc. But I balked at the price of the fancy cat food dishes. I wanted something kinda cute and made of stoneware, but the prices seemed a bit ridiculous for what I was getting: up to $9.00 for one, single cat food dish? Grrr.

So I wandered on over to the dishware section, and for only 99 cents each, picked up a couple black melamine "dipping" bowls and two stoneware ones. Tres chic, no?


min hus said...

Your kitties will have the most fashionable meal times! :)

My cats use ceramic salad bowls, because I only feed them wet food and I don't like hand-washing all those bowls!

Congrats about the kitties coming home. Don't forget, pics, lots of pics for those of us who forget what it's like to have a kitten.

Karen Anne said...

What can I say, my cats used people dishes.

I would be careful that those are not so lightweight that they'll tip over.

Jean Martha said...

We have to use the bowls that have rubber on the bottom. Tal likes to tip the water over and watch it run all over the floor. I however, don't enjoy falling on my ass.

Joanne said...

RT--Naughty Tal. I might try painting the bottom edge of the stoneware ones with rubber cement or something; that might do the trick.

Karen Anne--I think they'll be heavy enough.

min hus--There will be picks! I'm getting kinda nervous myself; it's been 20 years, I think, since I've had a kitten. I'm used to mellow old cats.

Joanne said...

Pics not Picks. Oy.

Lady Quilter said...

Boy, I tell you . . fancy bowls our kitties are getting. When we had our Moocat he settled for the 4 X 6 plastic trays frozen Mac n' Cheese came in. Oh, how times have changed. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, lots of photos of the kitties are wanted and expected!

I feed mine both wet and dry food. I hate (hate! hate!) washing dry caked-on food from dishes, so mine don't know that plates come in anything except paper.

As for the dry food, I use my grandma's old china that I inherited. It's an oval-shaped deep dish. I figure I can always pop it in the dishwasher if I ever need to use it for human purposes.

Hey, they say to use your nice dishes.... I figure it's better to use it for the cats and see it every day than for it to gather dust in the cabinet.