23 November, 2008

Cat Food Bowls on the Cheap

We are picking up our kitties on Saturday. Yay!

I went to Target to stock up on some necessary items: cat food (manufacturer's coupon, plus store coupon, plus a free Target gift card for buying two cases cut the price in half), water dispenser, cat scratch pads, etc. But I balked at the price of the fancy cat food dishes. I wanted something kinda cute and made of stoneware, but the prices seemed a bit ridiculous for what I was getting: up to $9.00 for one, single cat food dish? Grrr.

So I wandered on over to the dishware section, and for only 99 cents each, picked up a couple black melamine "dipping" bowls and two stoneware ones. Tres chic, no?


min hus said...

Your kitties will have the most fashionable meal times! :)

My cats use ceramic salad bowls, because I only feed them wet food and I don't like hand-washing all those bowls!

Congrats about the kitties coming home. Don't forget, pics, lots of pics for those of us who forget what it's like to have a kitten.

Karen Anne said...

What can I say, my cats used people dishes.

I would be careful that those are not so lightweight that they'll tip over.

Joanne said...

RT--Naughty Tal. I might try painting the bottom edge of the stoneware ones with rubber cement or something; that might do the trick.

Karen Anne--I think they'll be heavy enough.

min hus--There will be picks! I'm getting kinda nervous myself; it's been 20 years, I think, since I've had a kitten. I'm used to mellow old cats.

Joanne said...

Pics not Picks. Oy.

Lady Quilter said...

Boy, I tell you . . fancy bowls our kitties are getting. When we had our Moocat he settled for the 4 X 6 plastic trays frozen Mac n' Cheese came in. Oh, how times have changed. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, lots of photos of the kitties are wanted and expected!

I feed mine both wet and dry food. I hate (hate! hate!) washing dry caked-on food from dishes, so mine don't know that plates come in anything except paper.

As for the dry food, I use my grandma's old china that I inherited. It's an oval-shaped deep dish. I figure I can always pop it in the dishwasher if I ever need to use it for human purposes.

Hey, they say to use your nice dishes.... I figure it's better to use it for the cats and see it every day than for it to gather dust in the cabinet.