30 November, 2008

Introducing Our Maine Coon Kittens, Séamus and Belisama

After maybe four hours of sleep the night before, Ted and I woke up early, early, early yesterday to meet with our breeder at the Chicago Shorthair Cat Club Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and pick up our new kittens.

I know this picture completely sucks; I didn't want to use the flash to startle them, and since my computer died last week, I'm without PhotoShop for the moment. So a crummy, dark picture is all you get for today.

We decided to go with Celtic names for them to celebrate Ted's heritage and my obsession with Irish folklore and culture. Séamus, the little boy, is on the left. His name means supplanter, or "one who grasps by the heel". Well, he did keep nibbling my toes last night, so I guess that's close.

The girl we've decided to name Belisama, or Bella for short. Belisama was an ancient goddess worshiped in Gaul and Britain. She was connected with lakes and rivers, fire, crafts, and light of all kinds. An inscription in France reads MINERVAE BELISSIMAE SACRUM/Sacred to Belisama Minerva, indicating she was perhaps an aspect of Minerva/Athena and a goddess of wisdom and healing as well. Anyway, I think the name is cool, and she seems to be responding to it. Her name translates roughly as Bright Summer, which is nice because they were born around Midsummer.

Would you believe they are only 12 weeks and nearly 6 pounds? Yikes! When full grown, they may be around 20 pounds, making for very big cats.


min hus said...

Congrats! So adorable....although it looks like they might get into some mischief. :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet their little faces are. (I hear that's nature's way of protecting them when they get into kitten mischief!)

Welcome to Seamus and Bella. May you and Ted enjoy them for many many years (and vice versa, of course!)

Jean Martha said...


Unknown said...

Way too cute!

Marilyn said...

So cute - congrats, and make sure to get plenty of Furminators!

Joanne said...

Marilyn--Thanks for the tip about the Furminator! We're hoping that what we read is true, that Maine Coons only shed twice a year, but we'll be ready when they do with that handy tool. If anyone else is interested, you can see the Furminator Deshedding Tool here.

min hus--You're not kidding! It's only been a few days, but they have knocked over a table, pulled down the VCR (yes, we still have one), and have the dog going all submissive on them!

Tonia--Thanks, Tonia! They already seem to be making themselves at home.

RT--It's nice to have kitties around again. I love reading about your Tal and Super Gay Andy.

Gene--I know, I could just eat them up.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness they r sooo cute.
When you mentioned the names I just could not wait til you told us the history folklore of the names. And...I was gonna ask if you did not.

More pics please...when you get a chance and all...