19 November, 2008

Anybody Need a Brand New Chandelier?

Although they are completely wrong, Mom and Ted think the chandelier is too big. (I think they're just used to the dinky one in place, LOL.) So, it looks like I'm outvoted.

Does anybody need a new chandelier? Here is the pic:

And here are the specs, taken from an online store:

A simple collection paying close attention to detail. The sultry oil rubbed bronze finish and beaded fitters make the white alabaster globes defy gravity. Features 8 Medium Base Bulbs 60 Watt Max (not included), White Alabaster Globes.

Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Overall Dimensions: 28¼"(H) x 29¼"(D)
List Price: $389.00 / Sale Price (ends Nov 28): $249.00

I'm only asking $65.00, which is what we paid for it on clearance. Let me know if you're interested by dropping an e-mail or leaving me a note in the comments.


Oh, heck. While I'm at it, I have another light I'm about to put on Craig's List. It's brand new, and this one we all agreed was too big for the space we wanted to put it. We liked it because it was not a nipple light.

Price: $85.00

Features aged golden copper finish with copper vintage scavo glass shade. Uses 2-60 watt (fan) bulbs. Originally $220.00, although I think we only paid $120.00. It's brand new and still in the box.

Weight: 25 lbs
Size: 6 inches high, 15 inches wide

E-mail me or leave a note in the comments if you're interested.


Marilyn said...

Unfortunately, I don't need a chandelier - but Joanne, I must say I'm glad my own mom's not around to tip the balance and "caucus" with Greg. I'd lose every time!

Joanne said...

Seriously, I think my mom delights in taking Ted's side whenever she can. Must be some kind of payback for puberty.

Jennifer said...

Ah, too bad. I love the second one... too bad my lighting budget is ZERO!

Anonymous said...

I'm on Joanne's side and think Ted and her mom are just used to the dinky old one. However. I'd like to point out that the bottom of the chandalier has a nipple light. Grounds for dismissal.


Joanne said...

Sandy--You are, of course, right! It is just a glorified nipple light. Back to square one!