27 November, 2008

Eyesore Across the Street

Seriously, is it any wonder we haven't been able to sell Mom's house? Look at the one directly across the street.

Sure, it's a tough economy; nothing is really selling. But this doesn't help. You must click on the above picture for a larger view of the damage.

There are things falling off the facade and things living in the attic--I know, because there are at least two ginormous holes that I've seen squirrels come in and out of.

Sheesh. I don't even have to try to obscure the house number in this pic. That fell off ages ago.


Why S? said...

Coming from a neighborhood full of cosmetic disasters (and living in one), it really doesn't look so bad to me. But I get your point. If I ever decide to sell, I'll be the first one yowling about my neighbors (or some of them).

Karen Anne said...

Somebody's keeping the lawn trimmed. Maybe they can't afford to repaint?

Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood blight is the house with a caved in roof. We are grateful for the tree that blocks our view of it. I know it would make it hard for any of us to sell our houses.

p.s. There is nothing we can do about the house.
It has already been condemned.

Joanne said...

I guess I caught the house on a good day when I photographed it; it often looks worse. The grass-cutting is a recent phenomenon, and only happened after many people complained and pressured for it to be done. The woman who owns it doesn't even live there; her daughter does. Local grapevine says they have no interest in fixing it up or selling it.

It's problematic enough that we've actually had potential buyers comment on it when they come to view our house. Usually, it's "My God, what the heck is up with that house across the street?" Or, shaking their heads and tsk-tsking, "Has that property been abandoned?" It's frustrating, because there's not much we can do.

During our community garage sale, we had dozens of neighbors stop by to bitch about it; everyone is just sick of looking at it.

But it's the fact that we know animals are living in the attic that makes us wonder just how bad it is on the inside, too.